The home for artists of the next generation

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The Gallery Dance Collective is the creative brainchild of Courtney Holland.

Mixing passion with artistic integrity and discipline, The Gallery was built with the hopes that it could provide a home and serve as a safe haven for young and emerging artists.

The Gallery Dance Collective prides itself in its faculty and staff, who are committed to nurturing the potential in each dancer.

Accepting students as young as 3 years old, The Gallery Dance Collective offers a diverse curriculum; classes offered include ballet, tap, jazz, modern, pointe, and hip-hop.

In addition to providing a core curriculum to its students, The Gallery Dance Collective offers a pre-professional experience through Muse Contemporary Dance Theatre.  To learn more about Muse, click here.

To learn more about the faculty and staff click here.


A beautiful byproduct of training is the development of character, but the final end is transcendence, whether that be a line in movement or a point in someone's life.  We are known by how we move.

- alonzo king



The Gallery Dance Collective will host its operations for the upcoming season at Dance Loft on 14 — 4618 14th St NW — in Washington, DC.

e: | p: 443.626.4134