1. Your dancer will commit to the full 2019 – 2020 season of dance from September 2019 – June 2020 at The Gallery Dance Collective.

  2. Your dancer will participate in the necessary technique classes and choreography dances for said season of dance. These classes include the required core curriculum and the additional Sunday classes/rehearsals, if a member of Muse Contemporary Dance Theatre

  3. There will be a $35 NSF fee for any checks or uncleared payments.

  4. You must leave a card on file to be automatically billed on the 10th of every month. If, for whatever reason, your card gets declined, you have five (5) calendar days to bring the account current. Your child will not be allowed to attend class until your balance is brought to zero.

  5. You acknowledge the payment schedule of all fees related to The Gallery Dance Collective, LLC and will notify Ms. Courtney if a payment arrangement needs to be made.

  6. All students of The Gallery Dance Collective and Muse Contemporary Dance Theatre must adhere to the class and performance uniform as set forth by Ms. Courtney.  Failure to meet the dress code can result in suspension from the following week’s class and/or rehearsal.

  7. You understand that attendance to class and/or Company rehearsals are extremely important and will advise the teachers ahead of time if my dancer will be absent.  Any dancer who misses more than four (4) Company Classes without proper notice (48 hours in advance) will be at risk of losing his/her spot on the Company.

  8. You will do your best to bring your child to class and/or rehearsal on time.  You also agree to pick up your child within a reasonable amount of time after rehearsal.  You will contact the Studio if you will be late or need to make alternative arrangements.

  9. Dancers and Parents are expected to adhere to the Studio Standards Code of Conduct at all times.

  10. You agree that at conventions, workshops, and competitions Muse staff and/or confirmed volunteers may enter the changing room and warm-up areas.  Parents and audience members must remain in the general seating area unless otherwise noted.

  11. You agree that you will not take any photographs of any kind at the competitions The Gallery Dance Collective attends due to standards set forth by the hosting organization.

  12. You understand that as a parent member of The Gallery Dance Collective and/or Muse Contemporary Dance Theatre, your dancer will not partake in any dance instruction or activities at other facilities without consent from Ms. Courtney, unless it is a part of his/her academic curriculum.

  13. You have provided your email address to The Gallery Dance Collective and acknowledge that all communications can be found on Slack.  All other correspondence outside of Slack, should the matter be personal, will be sent to the email address you have provided at the time of registration.

  14. You give The Gallery Dance Collective, LLC and Muse Contemporary Dance Theatre, Inc permission to use photographs of your dancer for promotion and marketing purposes.